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-  12 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne 3002 (Primary Location* - filler and threads exclusively at this location)
- Lalor / Mill Park: By special request on M-F (GP clinic - NO filler and threads provided here)

**Sessions: Sunday 9:00am-3:00pm (extended hours to 5pm with online booking)
Available by Appointment ONLY. Book at least 24hrs prior unless directly arranged with doctor.

> Fat DISSOLVING injections
> THREADLIFTS (coming soon...)

Payment options Include:

Cash, Online, EFTPOS (Debit, Credit, Amex), ZipPay, Humm, Bank Transfer

Wrinkles, sagging skin and volume loss are natural changes that occur in the aging process. Various changes occur that cause the often less desired appearance; loss of hydration, loss of elastin and collagin, thinner skin, dimpling and sagging. However, many of these changes can be fixed and modified to give a more youthful, fresh and healthy appearance. In the hands of our experienced clinician, a combination of botulinium toxin and dermal filler or threadlifts can help restore your skin to your desired look.

Botulinium Toxin A

Botulinium Toxin Type-A is used at our clinic and is sourced from a well established company using high grade products. Botulinium Toxin (known colloqually as botox) deactivates muscle contractions and tension that causes the undesired dimpling, wrinkles and imperfections of the skin, face and neck. This is long lasting and remains active for several months and depending on location up-to a year.


The price list below is based on standard units used and can be modified / altered on a person-by-person requirements / requests.


**Please be aware the consultation will ensure there is no medical issues or specific contraindications to prevent treatment or that will cause harm to yourself. And of-course will include a discussion to determine the most appropriate treatment/package, units/volume required. If you have specific requests please email or message us so we have the product available when you visit us on the day. We offer SAME DAY consult/service.


Select one of the appropriate services you would like to have and the deposit will be deducted from the total cost.

Deposit deductible from treatment cost if you proceed after consultation on same day treatment

  • Botulinium Toxin A - is utilized and will cost $10 per unit (Inclusive of service, GST and product).

  • Regular customers will be given a loyalty discount at their subsequent treatment session.

  • Combination treatments are available and may be discounted on the day depending on total units used. Please enquire about this if interested.

  • *Note: depending on each person’s characteristics and desired requirements, more or less botox units may be used. The below units are a standard estimate; so please adjust price based on units used at $10 per unit.

  • Please go to the "Forms" page in the menu above and fill out the appropriate form details (i.e. Cosmetic Medical Form) before your session starts, otherwise you will be asked to do so at the beginning of the consultation on the day.

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Dermal Filler

Schedule and Pricing:

Price of filler is set at $530 per 1mL unless a specific filler is requested and ordered then it may vary, ranges from $430 to $650 per 1mL. Please Note: If only 0.5mL is used, the cost will be for a full 1mL due to product expense which is single person use only. This cost is Inclusive of service fee, GST and product. Price of treatments will depend on type of filler used (different varieties for different applications/sites) and brand chosen. This will be further discussed at the 'Initial Consultation' prior day of injecting/treatment.

How it works:

1) Initial Consultation to assess and plan your rejuvenation and volumisation treatment.

2) Book an appointment for treatment to be administered.

3) Apply prescribed anaesthetic cream to site 30-60mins prior appointment.

4) Receive you rejuvenation treatment by a trained proceduralist.

5) Although effect is immediate, it may take 1-2 weeks for FULL volumisation to take place.

6) Avoid alcohol, exercise and rubbing the area for 24-48 hours if possible.


How long will it last:

This depends on what type and brand was used and will therefore be discussed at the initial consultation.

However, generally will last from 6 months for the low density/thin filler to 18-24 months for the high density/thick filler. The medium filler will last on average 8-12 months.

Most Popular Treatment:

- Lip Filler: $530/mL

Filler list

*Note: depending on each person’s characteristics and desired augmentation, more or less filler may be required. The above volumes are a standard estimate.

Please go to the "Forms" page in the menu above and fill out the appropriate form details (i.e. Cosmetic Medical Form) before your session starts, otherwise you will be asked to do so at the beginning of the consultation on the day.


Fat dissolving injections: Lipolysis

Lipolysis is the process of fat-cell breakdown by a injectable solution derived from bile acids called 'Deoxycolic acid' OR Phosphatidylcholine. The fat cells / globules burst and liquefy then the body slowly clears away the liquified fat from the area.

Injections are done in a very specific method spaced equally to cover the required area. It is best done in expert hands to avoid unexpected outcomes. At Myelin Health, Dr Hisam Zraika, will take you through the assessment and steps of treatment to achieve your desired result.

Injection Lipolysis is commonly used in various regions, most notably the 'Double chin' area, jawline and may also be used in stubborn body areas such as bra-line fat, upper arms and abdomen.

The product used is measured in 'vials' per 3cm diameter area (size of 50cent coin approximately). It is most common to treat an area of approximately 2x vials (average suggested volume/surface area of treatment).

Product-1: Cost per vial: $550 for Deoxycholic acid (commonly known by Kybella)

e.g. Cost of double-chin treatment: $1100 (2x vials)

Product-2: Cost per vial: $250 for Phosphatidylcholine

e.g. Cost of double-chin treatment: $500 (2x vials)

Kybella: Note due to high cost item, these will be ordered on request pre-treatment and will require pre-payment of at least 3x vials i.e. $1650, non-refundable, to avoid change of mind (*special order criteria) or last minute no-shows.

Note: Deoxycholic acid and Phosphatidylcholine are BOTH effective treatments and roughly equal in effect, it is personal preference for which you'd like to use.

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Side effects / symptoms AFTER treatment with Lipolysis:

- Swelling at injection site (an expected temporary effect)

- Numbness under the chin (occurs occasionally and usually wears off after 2-3 weeks)

- Redness and warmth (an expected temporary effect)

- Firmness under the chin (as skin tightens, and sensation will improve after 1-2 months)

*Eligibility for this treatment is assessed during consultation - contact us if you would like to know more or ask about Lipolysis during your next consultation. Lipolysis is not available for "same-day" bookings for first visit clients as assessment is required and product needs to be ordered (*prepayment for special orders is required).



Anchor/Lifting Threads

These type of thread have small cones/barbs along the thread to grip the underlying surface of the skin (dermis). If placed correctly they can be lifted and can lock in tissue to allow a pulled up youthful appearance. Targeted use of threads can reduce sagging and reshape and contour the face. They can be used instead of OR in conjunction with dermal filler and toxin injections.


Collagen Stimulating

Similar to Anchoring threads however are predominantly smooth PDO threads used to stimulate collagen production to scaffold and strengthen the underlying skin enhancing elasticity and tone. Several smaller threads placed accurately may enhance youthful appearance.



Threads usually dissolve within a 6month period however the duration of their effect can last upto 2-years or longer depending on your degree of collagen production.


Threadlift Aftercare

  • Avoid make-up for 24 hours

  • Ice packs can be applied for the first couple of days

  • Sleep face up, in an elevated position for 1-3 nights

  • Antibiotics may be recommended by your provider (case dependant)

  • Paracetamol can be used, but avoid Nurofen/Asprin to minimise bleeding/bruising

  • Avoid excessive facial movements

  • Drink plenty of fluids

  • Minimise Sun exposure for 2 weeks is standard

  • Sports and exercise should be avoided for 2 weeks

  • Saunas and very hot showers should be avoided for 2 weeks

  • No dental surgery for at least 2 weeks

  • Ideally avoid smoking

  • Avoid lasers and other heat based devices for 3 months



Prices see threadlift page.

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Home Visits


Home visits are condional on prior discussion with the proceduralist and subject to location and service/product requested. Limited currently to: Neurotoxin/anti-aging, Dermal Filler and Lipolysis.

There is a minimum deposit and minimum spend of $100 to be paid online PRIOR visit, in order to confirm. If you spend "less" than $100, it will be a minimum $100 fee. Otherwise deposit will be deducted from total cost of treatment. This service is offered for exceptional circumstances and hen ce why prior approval for a home visit is required


There is a 48hr cancellation period prior appointment time, otherwise the deposit is forfeited, no exceptions / reasons. You "may" request a reschedule only by prior approval / discussion with the proceduralist. These conditions supersede the "cancellation policy" noted elsewhere.

Distance travelled currently limited to 15km from the Proceduralist location on that day (whom works at multiple clinics on different days - hence need for prior discussion/approval).

Feel free to message and discuss: 0413399263 or via online contact form.

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