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Medical Neurotoxin Injections

Neurotoxin (botulinium Toxin A) is used for medical reasons also, and can be an effective therapy or adjunct therapy for several medical conditions.

Each persons need and treatment plan will be tailored to their specific and individualised circumstances.

A discussion may explore alternative treatment options and where and when neurotoxin is indication or contraindicated. To ensure it is appropriate for your purposes and past/current medical history.

Areas Treated may include BUT not limited to:

- migraines

- headaches

- jawline (teeth clenching i.e. Bruxism)

- hyperhidrosis (excess sweating)

- muscle spasms / fasiculations

- other areas upon individual assessment....

These treatments are not funded under Medicare unless specifically administered by a dermatologist/neurologist/rehab physician or other Specialist Physician. The cost of neurotoxin will be $10/unit billed to the patient, and consultations to determine best personalised treatment for "medical indications and diagnoses" may be billed under medicare depending on presentation. Please enquire about costs involved and clinic locations: available at East Melbourne, Lalor, & Mill Park. During Covi-19 government restrictions and closures, the East Melbourne clinic may not be available unless specified through direct communication with the proceduralist Dr. Zraika.

Under Myelin Health, you will be treated by a certified and trained General Practitioner with various surgical and specialty experience (having undertaken resident terms in Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, Medical / Emergency and Rehab Medicine) and specialist training and registration in General Practice, trained as a cosmetic injector and proficient in minor surgical procedures.

Upon booking, please include your:

- Full Name

- Date of Birth

- Contact Number

- Email Address

- **Medicare Number and Expiry

Use LINK to book (a non-refundable $50 is required, if you need to reschedule just contact us to do so).

Feel free to enquire on any treatment and you will be notified if we can accommodate this.

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