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Medical Clinic:

General Practitioner

(Dr Hisam Zraika)

*Non-Cosmetic Services*

Lalor Clinic ~ Mon/Fri

1 Messmate Street

Lalor VIC 3075

Ph: (03) 9465 4411

Fax: (03) 9465 0633


Mill Park SuperClinic ~ Tue/Wed/Thurs

250 Childs Road

Mill Park, VIC 3082

Ph: (03) 9436 4155i

*Note cosmetic treatments at Lalor or Mill Park GP clinics, will be approved by prior discussion with Dr Zraika and will be limited to Neurotoxin + Lipolysis only

Ph - 0413399263 SMS.

Mental Health:

*See Hours on 'Mental Health' page

- Telehealth Video Consultation (Skype)

FREE Consultations (Bulk Billed)

Myelin Derma &

Blossom Cosmetics:

Primary Location*

12 Wellington Parade

East Melbourne 3002

Open: Sundays only


Note: Email your expressions of interest for in-home treatments. OR Inquire about possibly having an initial consultation via skype instead.

Conditions Apply.

Call for appointments: 0413399263

(calls will be answered from 7pm-10pm: otherwise leave a message or email and get a callback.)

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